Moana Road Press is a private press in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand. We've had so much fun discovering letterpress, we want to share it and build the letterpress community in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. One of the keys to that, we believe, is a local, fast and affordable photopolymer platemaking service.


We love lead type and we're a regular customer of The Printing Museum, one of a few operating foundries in the world. But when it comes to reproducing digital fonts, line art and even halftones, the best choice is a photopolymer plate. And there's no composition, no makeready, no underlays, no worn or squashed type. Photopolymer plates offer a perfectly flat, hard printing surface that readily accepts ink and fine detail.


Moana Road Press has invested in the very latest platemaking technology which, when combined with the highest quality silver-based film negatives and Toyobo Printight® photopolymer, enables letterpress printers to reproduce a myriad of  fonts, designs and line art - perfect for creating crisp impressions onto soft cotton papers.


What's letterpress?  What's photopolymer?




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